Ukertor Gabriel Moti

Ukertor Gabriel Moti (Ph.D.) is Professor of Public Sector Management and Governance, Department of Public Administration, University of Abuja. He holds a B.Sc. in Political and Administrative Studies, Second Class – Upper Division (University of Port Harcourt, 1982), graduating as the Best Student;
Master of Public Administration (MPA) (University of Lagos, 1985, Best Graduate of the Class), and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public
Administration (University of Benin, 1993) all in Nigeria. A former Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Abuja, Moti was appointed Director, Centre for Corruption Studies, University of Abuja in January 2021.
Prof. Moti is Fellow of the Certified Public Administrators of England and Wales (FCPA), Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC), President, Governing Council, Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria; Fellow, Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (JAPSS)-USA, Fellow, Guild of Independent Scholars (Florida USA), Member, International Research and Development Institute (Research and Development Network) Oyo, Nigeria, Member, Committee for the International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (IMCLG), United Kingdom, member of the Centre for Sponsored Projects (CSP) of the University of Abuja, in addition to membership of several other professional bodies such as the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM), Nairobi, Kenya.
Professor Moti once served as Special Assistant and Speech Writer to the Governor of Benue State, Late Rev. Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu in 1992-1993. He briefly taught at the Benue State University from 1993-1996. Professor Moti then joined the University of Abuja in 2004 and rose through the ranks to the position of Professor in the Department of Public Administration. Moti is Co-Chair with Dr. Steve Troupin of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Belgium, and the African Association for Public Administration (AAPAM-IIAS). Taskforce for Public Administration Research Capacities in Africa, where they jointly Chair the African Governance Panel during IIAS International Conferences. He is Member, Accreditation Committee of the International Commission on Accreditation of Public Administration Education and Training (ICAPA), Brussels, Belgium. Professor Moti served as Editor of the African Journal of Public Administration and Management (AJPAM), Nairobi, Kenya from 2016-2019 and he is currently, the Chief Editor of the Journal which is the International Journal of the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM).

Professor Moti was among 25 African scholars that participated in the China-Africa Research Exchange Programme (2016) organized by the China Institute for International Studies (CIIS), and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he served as Leader of the African Delegation. Moti has collaborated with the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) on research efforts on China-Africa Relations culminating into book chapters in the following international books: Forum on Africa-China Cooperation: Industrialisation and Agricultural Modernisation (Vol. 2). Funeka, Y. A.; Shelton, G,; Aiden, C.; and Hu, B. (eds)., (2018), Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA), Pretoria, South Africa; Issues in China-Africa Relations, Oniwide Oyetola (ed)., (2017), College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda. Prof Moti led a Research team ( Okafor Emeka; Chilaka, C.N. & Ekeanyanwu, A) to conduct a research on “Procedural and Administrative Constraints to the Advancement of Women in Public and Private Sector Employment”, sponsored by Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), Abuja, 2001. He has equally carried out a research on: “Chinese Malign Influence and the Corrosion of Democracy in Nigeria”, sponsored by the International Republican Institute (IRI) in 2020.

Prof. Moti is a notable Public Policy analyst in Nigeria and a facilitator for the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM, Kenya); Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), Badagry; Governance and Management Services International (GMSI), UK; GMSI & Associates, Nigeria. He is also a Consultant with the London Graduate School, Organisers of “The Dubai Leadership Summit”. Professor Moti has served as External Examiner for Graduate students of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria, North West University, Mafikeng Campus, North West Province, South Africa, and University of Pretoria, South Africa and has conducted Professorial Assessment for some Universities.

He has published over 45 articles in peer reviewed local and International Academic Journals in addition to 7 book chapters, Conference Proceedings, Abstracts and Reviews. Prof Moti is winner, University of Abuja Authors 2020. Professor Moti is a regular participant at various International Conferences and has presented papers at conferences in over 30 countries of the World including, India, Malawi, Thailand, Ghana, Dubai (UAE), Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, ;”>Ethiopia, USA, Rwanda, Tunisia, Singapore, Morocco, etc.